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"The day after my first treatment session on my buttocks, I felt like I had just completed a real workout. My skin felt tight and the whole area just felt stronger and firmer. I love it already. I can't wait to see more improvements throughout my treatment course." Elisa, 30, France

"While I had high hopes, I was a bit skeptical about treating my underarms. But after the second treatment, I really saw a difference. My skin was less saggy and the cellulite seemed to have evened out. It was barely noticeable! The treatment is great for a 'quick fix' and now I'm back wearing my favorite fitted t-shirts." Janice, 38, Australia

"I love wearing skirts but I felt very uncomfortable with the flabby skin on my lower thighs and around my knees. The Reaction™ treatment was really great and the best part is knowing that I'm doing something good for myself. The skin around my knees looks much firmer and toned, I love it. I'd definitely recommend it to my friends." Meredith, 35, UK

"I wanted to get rid of the excess bulge on my lower stomach. I work out and eat pretty well but I don't always feel like I'm targeting this specific area. The Reaction™ treatment worked really well. Not only did the 'blubbery' look smoothen out, my tummy looks sleek. It feels great to be able to wear an actual sports bra." Nadia, 28, Poland


"If my patients give me positive feedback, I know I've made the right decision and a sound investment. The Reaction™ system has gotten rave reviews and caused quite a stir among my patients. I have got new patients lined up for treatments." Sharon, Licensed Aesthetician, Cape Town

"When I saw the results on two of my patients, I couldn't believe it. They had only completed two treatment sessions and the results were impressive, to say the least. We took photos to document their progress and clearly saw how sagging of the underarms had really improved. As a practitioner, I felt very confident in my work." Darya, Registered Dermatologist, Philippines

"I led a study on the Reaction™ system that involved 5 of my clients. Each of them was treated for cellulite on different zones of the body, ranging from arms, abdomen and lower buttocks. After just 3 treatments, improvements in skin texture and appearance of cellulite were very noticeable. I even recorded a reduction of 2cm in the abdomen area of one of my patients. That is pretty astounding." Gina, M.D. in Dermatology, Spain

"Word of mouth is almost impossible to stop. The benefits of the Reaction™ system to my clinic are priceless. I had one patient how came to my clinic to treat some lax skin on her face and her satisfaction motivated six of her closest friends to do the same. The treatments are safe and effective and the results speak for themselves. What my patients love is the 'no-downtime' factor and they actually enjoy the massage-like feeling of treatments, wich is a nice bonus." Renee, Aesthetician, Brazil

My job is to help people look and feel better about themselves. Their self-confidence is my confidence; in my practice and in my business decisions. When I bought the Reaction™ system, I knew I made a smart investment. The improvements do not cease to amaze me or my clients; I am extremely satisfied with the Reaction™ system." Barry, P.H.d. in Dermatology, U.S.A

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